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> Greg Stark <st...@mit.edu> writes:
>> That said, to help in the case I described you would have to implement
>> the tapesort algorithm on the GPU as well.
> I think the real problem would be that we are seldom sorting just the
> key values.  If you have to push the tuples through the GPU too, your
> savings are going to go up in smoke pretty quickly …

i would argument along a similar line.
to make GPU code fast it has to be pretty much tailored to do exactly one thing 
- otherwise you have no chance to get anywhere close to card-bandwith.
if you look at "two similar" GPU codes which seem to do the same thing you 
might easily see that one is 10 times faster than the other - for bloody reason 
such as memory alignment, memory transaction size or whatever.
this opens a bit of a problem: PostgreSQL sorting is so generic and so flexible 
that i would be really surprised if somebody could come up with a solution 
which really comes close to what the GPU can do.
it would definitely be interesting to see a prototype, however.

btw, there is a handful of interesting talks / lectures about GPU programming 
provided by the university of chicago (just cannot find the link atm).



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