> I don't buy this argument at all.  I don't believe that recovery.conf is
> part of anyone's automated processes at all, let alone to an extent that
> they won't be able to cope with a change to rationalize the file layout.
> And most especially I don't buy that someone who does want to keep using
> it couldn't cope with adding an "include" to postgresql.conf manually.

Speaking as someone who has a lot of client admin scripts written around
recovery.conf, we will be *thrilled* to update those scripts in order to
simplify the configuration file situation.  Having a third conf file (or
fourth, or fifth, depending on which auth features you're using) already
adds unwarranted complexity to automation scripts, and each config file
we get rid of makes those scripts easier to maintain and troubleshoot.

For that matter, I'd love to consolidate pg_hba and pg_ident into a
single file.  Any chance?

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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