On 15-09-2011 23:54, Fujii Masao wrote:
Use empty recovery.ready file to enter arhicve recovery. recovery.conf
is not read automatically. All recovery parameters are expected to be
specified in postgresql.conf. If you must specify them in recovery.conf,
you need to add "include 'recovery.conf'" into postgresql.conf. But note
that that recovery.conf will not be renamed to recovery.done at the
end of recovery. This is what the patch I've posted does. This is
simplest approach, but might confuse people who use the tools which
depend on recovery.conf.

more or less +1. We don't need two config files.; just one: postgresql.conf. Just turn all recovery.conf parameters to GUCs. As already said, the recovery.conf settings are not different from archive settings, we just need a way to trigger the recovery. And that trigger could be pulled by a GUC (standby_mode) or a file (say recovery -> recovery.done). Also, recovery.done could be filled with recovery information just for DBA record. standby_mode does not create any file, it just trigger the recovery (as it will be used mainly for replication purposes).

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