On Wed, Sep 28, 2011 at 12:50 PM, Magnus Hagander <mag...@hagander.net> wrote:
>> pg_receivexlog worked good in my tests.
>> pg_basebackup with --xlog=stream gives me an already recycled wal
>> segment message (note that the file was in pg_xlog in the standby):
>> FATAL:  could not receive data from WAL stream: FATAL:  requested WAL
>> segment 00000001000000000000005C has already been removed
> Do you get this reproducibly? Or did you get it just once?
> And when you say "in the standby" what are you referring to? There is
> no standby server in the case of pg_basebackup --xlog=stream, it's
> just backup... But are you saying pg_basebackup had received the file,
> yet tried to get it again?

ok, i was trying to setup a standby server cloning with
pg_basebackup... i can't use it that way?

the docs says:
If this option is specified, it is possible to start a postmaster
directly in the extracted directory without the need to consult the
log archive, thus making this a completely standalone backup.

it doesn't say that is not possible to use this for a standby
server... probably that's why i get the error i put a recovery.conf
after pg_basebackup finished... maybe we can say that  more loudly?

>> in other things:
>> do we need to include src/bin/pg_basebackup/.gitignore in the patch?
> Not sure what you mean? We need to add pg_receivexlog to this file,
> yes - in head it just contains pg_basebackup.

your patch includes a modification in the file
src/bin/pg_basebackup/.gitignore, maybe i'm just being annoying
besides is a simple change... just forget that...

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