I created a patch corresponding FPW.
Fujii's patch (ver 9) is based.

 Manage own FPW in shared-memory (on master)
   * startup and walwriter process update it. startup initializes it
     after REDO. walwriter updates it when started or received SIGHUP.

 Insert WAL including a value of current FPW (on master)
   * In the the same timing as update, they insert WAL (is named
     XLOG_FPW_CHANGE). XLOG_FPW_CHANGE has a value of the changed FPW.
   * When it creates CHECKPOINT, it adds a value of current FPW to the

 Manage master's FPW in local-memory in startup (on standby)
   * It takes a value of the master's FPW by reading XLOG_FPW_CHANGE at

 Check when pg_start_backup/pg_stop_backup (on standby)
   * It checks to use these two value.
       * master's FPW at latest CHECKPOINT
       * current master's FPW by XLOG_FPW_CHANGE


Jun Ishizuka
NTT Software Corporation
E-Mail: ishizuka....@po.ntts.co.jp

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