,--- You/Tom (Sun, 09 Oct 2011 22:29:19 -0400) ----*
| Well, HP hasn't exactly been forthcoming with support on their own end,
| but we do have an HPUX 11.31 IA64 machine in the buildfarm,

Should I read the above as:

  1. The PostgreSQL server will build on HPUX 11.31 IA64.

  2. The server will run all right (speaking on the test cases you
     personally covered only) on HPUX 11.31 IA64.

  3. Both PostgreSQL v. 8.4 and 9.1.

| and I still routinely test on a personal 10.20 HPPA box, so it's not
| like the platform doesn't get coverage at all.

and the same three items on HPPA 10.20.

Or anything of the items 1 to 3 is not true or not certain?

Thanks again!

-- Alex -- --

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