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> [ Thanks all for the very productive discussion in the thread
>  "libpq, PQdescribePrepared -> PQftype, PQfmod, no PQnullable"
>  which I originated.  Very useful.  Now on something different. ]
> About two years ago, I had to research some PostgreSQL failures on
> HP-UX on a lame PA-RISC box.  Looking at the PostgreSQL source code
> then, I got an impression that running PostgreSQL on HP-UX was an open
> question -- HP-UX didn't seem like a seriously targeted platform.
> Was I wrong in my assessment?  Does anybody have a good experience
> running PostgreSQL on HP-UX?  What version of both? PA-RISC? IA64?
> Thanks,


HPUX is not too common these days but it works like a charm.
we have a couple of large IA64 servers running on HPUX at a major customer.
things work without any problems. it compiled out of the box just like expected 
and we have not seen any failures or so for almost 2 years now.

so, thumbs up ... nothing to be afraid of.

        many thanks,


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