On Oct23, 2011, at 22:48 , Daniel Farina wrote:
> It doesn't seem meaningful for StartupCLOG (or, indeed, any of the
> hot-standby path functionality) to be called before that code is
> executed, but it is anyway right now.

I think the idea is to check that the CLOG part which recovery *won't*
overwrite is consistent (or rather, given the simplicity of the check,
at least accessible)

Heikki said the following somewhere else in this thread when I suggested
something similar to your proposal:

>> There are pretty clear rules on what state clog can be in. When you launch 
>> postmaster in a standby:
>> * Any clog preceding the nextXid from the checkpoint record we start 
>> recovery from, must either be valid, or the clog file must be missing 
>> altogether (which can happen when it was vacuumed away while the backup in 
>> progress - if the clog is still needed at the end of backup it must not be 
>> missing, of course).
>> * Any clog following nextXid can be garbled or missing.
>> Recovery will overwrite any clog after nextXid from the WAL, but not the 
>> clog before it.

I think Simon's theory that we're starting recovery from the wrong place,
i.e. should start with an earlier WAL location, is probably correct. The
question is, why?

best regards,
Florian Pflug

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