> And I think they also reported that if they didn't run hot standby,
> but just normal recovery into a new master, it didn't have the problem
> either, i.e. without hotstandby, recovery ran, properly extended the
> clog, and then ran as a new master fine.

Yes this is correct...attempting to start as hotstandby will produce the
pg_clog error repeatedly and then without changing anything else, just
turning hot standby off it will start up successfully.

> This fits the OP's observation ob the
> problem vanishing when pg_start_backup() does an immediate checkpoint.

Note that this is *not* the behaviour I'm seeing....it's possible it happens
more frequently without the immediate checkpoint, but I am seeing it happen
even with the immediate checkpoint.

> This is a different problem and has already been reported by one of
> your colleagues in a separate thread, and answered in detail by me
> there. There is no bug related to this error message.

Excellent...I will continue this discussion in that thread.

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