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> Per my theory about the cause of the problem in my other mail, I think you
> might see StartupCLOG failures even during crash recovery, provided that
> wal_level was set to hot_standby when the primary crashed. Here's how
> 1) We start a checkpoint, and get as far as LogStandbySnapshot()
> 2) A backend does AssignTransactionId, and gets as far as GetTransactionoId().
>  The assigned XID requires CLOG extension.
> 3) The checkpoint continues, and LogStandbySnapshot () advances the
>  checkpoint's nextXid to the XID assigned in (2).
> 4) We crash after writing the checkpoint record, but before the CLOG
>  extension makes it to the disk, and before any trace of the XID assigned
>  in (2) makes it to the xlog.
> Then StartupCLOG() would fail at the end of recovery, because we'd end up
> with a nextXid whose corresponding CLOG page doesn't exist.

Clog extension holds XidGenLock, as does LogStandbySnapshot, which
specifically excludes the above scenario.

> Quite aside from that concern, I think it's probably not a good idea
> for the nextXid value of a checkpoint to depend on whether wal_level
> was set to hot_standby or not. Our recovery code is already quite complex
> and hard to test, and this just adds one more combination that has to
> be thought about while coding and that needs to be tested.
> My suggestion is to fix the CLOG problem in that same way that you fixed
> the SUBTRANS problem, i.e. by moving LogStandbySnapshot() to before
> CheckPointGuts().
> Here's what I image CreateCheckPoint() should look like:
> 1) LogStandbySnapshot() and fill out oldestActiveXid
> 2) Fill out REDO
> 3) Wait for concurrent commits
> 4) Fill out nextXid and the other fields
> 5) CheckPointGuts()
> 6) Rest
> It's then no longer necessary for LogStandbySnapshot() do modify
> the nextXid, since we fill out nextXid after LogStandbySnapshot() and
> will thus derive a higher value than LogStandbySnapshot() would have.
> We could then also fold GetOldestActiveTransactionId() back into
> your proposed LogStandbySnapshot() and thus don't need two ProcArray
> traversals.

I think you make a good case for doing this.

However, I'm concerned that moving LogStandbySnapshot() in a backpatch
seems more risky than it's worth. We could easily introduce a new bug
into what we would all agree is a complex piece of code. Minimal
change seems best in this case.

And also, 2 ProcArray traversals is not a problem there.

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