Hey all,

   So, I'm dealing with a a big ol' java app that has multiple roads on the
way to <IDLE> in transaction.  We can reproduce the problem in a test
environment, but the lead dev always asks "can you just tell me the last
query that it ran?"

   So I wrote the attached patch, it just turns <IDLE> in transaction into:
 "<IDLE> in transaction\n: Previous: <last query executed>".  After seeing
how quickly our dev's fixed the issue once they saw prepared statement XYZ,
I'm thinking that I'd like to be able to have this in prod, and... maybe
(with the frequency of IIT questions posted here) someone else would find
this useful.

 Just wondering what ya'll thought.  Any feedback (including a more
efficient approach) is welcome.  (Patch against release 9.1.1 tarball).


Scott Mead

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