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> > Actually, for the future, it might be useful to have a "state" column,
> > that holds the idle/in transaction/running status, instead of the
> > tools having to parse the query text to get that information...
> +1 for doing it this way.  Splitting "current_query" into "query" and
> "state" would be more elegant and easier to use all around.

I'm all for splitting it out actually.  My concern was that I would break
the 'ba-gillion' monitoring tools that already have support for
pg_stat_activity if I dropped a column.  What if we had:

   'state' :             idle | in transaction | running ( per Robert )
   'current_query' :  the most recent query (either last / currently

   That may be a bit tougher to get across to people though (especially in
the case where state='<IDLE>').

 I'll rework this when I don't have trick-or-treaters coming to the front
door :)

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