On 07/11/11 10:20, Bernd Helmle wrote:

--On 6. November 2011 01:08:11 -0200 Greg Smith <g...@2ndquadrant.com> wrote:

Attached patch adds a new function to the pageinspect extension for measuring
total free space, in either tables or indexes.

I wonder if that should be done in the pgstattuple module, which output some similar numbers.

Not meaning to disparage Greg's effort in any way, but I was thinking the same thing about pg_freespacemap. I have not checked what - if any differences there are in output, but it would be interesting to compare which of the various (3 at present) extensions with slightly overlapping areas of functionality should perhaps be merged.

I am guessing (at this point very much guessing) that pg_freespace map may return its data faster, as pageinspect is gonna have to grovel through all the pages for itself (whereas pg_freespacemap relies on using info from the ... free space map fork).



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