On Wed, Nov 16, 2011 at 12:06 PM, Kevin Grittner
<kevin.gritt...@wicourts.gov> wrote:
> Edward Muller <edw...@heroku.com> wrote:
>> Looking for comments ...
>> https://gist.github.com/be937d3a7a5323c73b6e
>> We'd like to get this, or something like it, into 9.2
> If you want it to be seriously considered, you should post the patch
> to this list, which makes it part of the permanent archives and
> indicates your willingness to place the code under the PostgreSQL
> license.

inline ....

> http://wiki.postgresql.org/wiki/Submitting_a_Patch#Patch_submission

I think this was done right.



> Any chance you could help review patches in the CF in progress, to
> help get others' time freed up sooner?:
> https://commitfest.postgresql.org/action/commitfest_view/inprogress

Well, I'm totally new to the code base, I don't write in *C* very
often (probably obvious from my patch). Maybe over time....

> It's a good way to become familiar with the process, so that you can
> better move your own patch along.
> -Kevin

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