Robert Haas <> wrote:
> Kevin Grittner <> wrote:
>> Why is it OK to drop these lines from the else condition in
>> ProcArrayEndTransaction()?:
>>        /* must be cleared with xid/xmin: */
>>        proc->vacuumFlags &= ~PROC_VACUUM_STATE_MASK;
> It's probably not.  Oops.
OK.  I see that's back now.
> I believe the attached patch versions address your comments
> regarding the flexlock patch as well; it is also rebased over the
> PGXACT patch, which has since been committed.
Applies cleanly again.
>> The extraWaits code still looks like black magic to me, so unless
>> someone can point me in the right direction to really understand
>> that, I can't address whether it's OK.
> I don't think I've changed the behavior, so it should be fine. 
> The idea is that something like this can happen:
> [explanation of the extraWaits behavior]
Thanks.  I'll spend some time reviewing this part.  There is some
rearrangement of related code, and this should arm me with enough of
a grasp to review that.
>> [gripes about modularity compromise and lack of pluggability]
> let me think about that.  I haven't addressed that in this
> version.
OK.  There are a few things I found in this pass which missed in the
last.  One contrib module was missed, I found another typo in a
comment, and I think we can reduce the include files a bit.  Rather
than describe it, I'm attaching a patch file over the top of your
patches with what I think might be a good idea.  I don't think
there's anything here to merit a new round of benchmarking.

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