On 11/27/2011 09:18 AM, NISHIYAMA Tomoaki wrote:

+/* __MINGW64_VERSION_MAJOR is related to both 32/64 bit gcc compiles by
+ * mingw-w64, however it gots defined only after
Why not use __MINGW32__, which is defined without including any headers?
Because it's defined by other than mingw-w64 compilers.
I see. That's because mingw (not -w64).
Should it be ok if mingw is ok with that condition?

This really breaks mingw gcc 4.6.1 :( it does not have crtdefs.h)
If moving downward do not break MSVC, perhaps its the good way.
Otherwise, we might check for the presence of crtdefs.h with configure?

I have looked at this a bit. It's fairly ugly, and the only moderately clean way I see forward is a configure test to check for a mingw-w64 compiler, e.g. by running gcc -E -dM over a file which just includes stdio.h and checking for the definedness of __MINGW64__VERSION_MAJOR, or something similar.



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