On 12/03/2011 09:59 AM, Magnus Hagander wrote:
On Sat, Dec 3, 2011 at 15:49, NISHIYAMA Tomoaki
<tomoa...@staff.kanazawa-u.ac.jp>  wrote:

Have you verified if tihs affects _MSC_VER<  1400? Suddently that
branch would care about HAVE_CRTDEFS_H, and I'm not sure if that's
something we need to worry about.

I have no MSVC. In that sense it is not verified in fact, and I hope
those who knows well would kindly comment on it.

However, it appears that pg_config.h is not created through
configure, but just copied from pg_config.h.win32 in those
compilers and thus HAVE_CRTDEFS_H will not be defined.
So, I think this code fragment will not be enabled in
_MSC_VER<  1400
Hmm, true. Unless HAVE_CRTDEFS_H is defined by the sytem, which it
likely isn't - I was confusing it with the kind of defines that MSVC
tends to stick in their own headerfiles, and thought that's what you
were testing for.

Yes, but there's a deal more work to do here. This whole thing is falling over in my build environment (64 bit Windows 7, MinGW/MSys, the machine that runs pitta on the buildfarm.)

This is a long way from a done deal.



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