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For my projects, I find it very handy to apply XSLT
transformations directly on database side. Unfortunately,
this is only available in contrib/xml2 with an unpleasant

The documentation of contrib/xml2 of PostgreSQL 9.1 says:

| If you find that some of the functionality of this module
| is not available in an adequate form with the newer API,
| please explain your issue to
| so that the deficiency can be addressed.

So this is what I'm trying to do here. :-)

While all xpath_*() functions seem to have been successfully
collapsed into a generic xpath() function, and xml_is_well_formed()
has been moved into the type check for the XML type, I wonder
what happened to the XSLT support.

What are the issues that prevent the xslt_process() function
from being polished up and moved into core? Do you need some
volunteer to put work into this?

Even with the upcoming XQuery support, XSLT still has its
place as a very useful templating language with lots of
existing stylesheets in the wild.


Volker Grabsch

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