Excerpts from Volker Grabsch's message of mar dic 06 06:34:37 -0300 2011:
> Dear PostgreSQL hackers,

> While all xpath_*() functions seem to have been successfully
> collapsed into a generic xpath() function, and xml_is_well_formed()
> has been moved into the type check for the XML type, I wonder
> what happened to the XSLT support.

Nothing happened because there wasn't manpower enough to do the job,
IIRC.  I remember there being discussions about the exact API we need to
provide, but that also requires manpower to research.

(XPath wasn't all that successfully collapsed; I think there have been
some complaints about the exact API we provide, but that, again,
requires more research.  And I might be misremembering.)

> Do you need some volunteer to put work into this?

Absolutely.  Feel free to study and submit a proposal.  Expect this to
take 10x more time than you initially think, just in discussions.

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