On 12/07/2011 02:34 AM, Shigeru Hanada wrote:
I think that only the owner of foreign table can keep collation
consistent between foreign and local, like data type of column.  We need to
support per-column-collation on foreign tables too, or should deny pushing
down condition which is collation-sensitive...

I am not sure about what next step you were planning here. Are you thinking to block this sort of push-down in an update to your feature patch, or does some more serious work on foreign table collation need to happen first instead?

It looks like there has been some good discussion of this feature here, but there is still some work needed before it will be ready to commit. Hanada-san, did you get the feedback you were looking for here yet, or are there things you still wanted to discuss? It is not clear to me what happens next; I would appreciate your comment on that.

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