On 12/14/11 1:16 PM, Greg Smith wrote:
> -Creating a standby.enabled file in the directory that houses the
> postgresql.conf (same logic as "include" uses to locate things) puts the
> system into recovery mode.  That feature needs to save some state, and
> making those decisions based on existence of a file is already a thing
> we do.  Rather than emulating the rename to recovery.done that happens
> now, the server can just delete it, to keep from incorrectly returning
> to a state it's exited.  A UI along the lines of the promote one,
> allowing "pg_ctl standby", should fall out of here.  I think this is
> enough that people who just want to use replication features need never
> hear about this file at all, at least during the important to simplify
> first run through.

How will things work for PITR?

Josh Berkus
PostgreSQL Experts Inc.

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