On 09/24/2011 04:49 PM, Joshua Berkus wrote:
Well, we *did* actually come up with a reasonable way, but it died under an avalanche of bikeshedding and "we-must-do-everything-the-way-we-always-have-done". I refer, of course, to the "configuration directory" patch, which was a fine solution, and would indeed take care of the recovery.conf issues as well had we implemented it. We can *still* implement it, for 9.2.

That actually died from a lack of round-tuits, the consensus at the end of the bike-sheeding was pretty clear. Last night I finally got motivated to fix the bit rot and feature set on that patch, to match what seemed to be the easiest path toward community approval. One known bug left to resolve and I think it's ready to submit for the next CF.

I think includeifexists is also a good improvement, too, on a related arc to the main topic here. If I can finish off the directory one (or get someone else to fix my bug) I should be able to follow up with that one. The patches won't be that different.

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