On 12/22/2011 02:17 PM, Andrew Dunstan wrote:

On 12/22/2011 01:05 PM, Tom Lane wrote:
Maybe, though I fear it might complicate the ruleutils code a bit.
You'd probably have to build the output for a column first and then
see how long it is before deciding whether to insert a newline.

In short, I don't mind trying to make this work better, but I think it
will take more work than a two-line patch.

OK. Let me whip something up. I had already come to the conclusion you did about how best to do this.

Here's a WIP patch. At least it's fairly localized, but as expected it's rather more than 2 lines :-). Sample output:

regression=# \pset format unaligned
Output format is unaligned.
regression=# select pg_get_viewdef('shoelace',true);
 SELECT s.sl_name, s.sl_avail, s.sl_color, s.sl_len, s.sl_unit,
    s.sl_len * u.un_fact AS sl_len_cm
   FROM shoelace_data s, unit u
  WHERE s.sl_unit = u.un_name;
(1 row)

I just had an idea. We could invent a flavor of pg_get_viewdef() that took an int as the second param, that would be the wrap width. For the boolean case as above, 80 would be implied. 0 would mean always wrap. psql could be made to default to the window width, or maybe window width - 1, but we could provide a psql setting that would override it.



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