>> I guess you concerned about that expected/select_views_1.out is
>> patched, not expected/select_views.out.
>> I'm not sure the reason why regression test script tries to make diff
>> between results/select_views and expected/select_views_1.out.
> select_views.out and select_views_1.out are alternate expected output
> files.  The regression tests pass if the actual output matches either
> one.  Thus, you have to patch both.
It was new for me. The attached patch updates both of the expected
files, however, I'm not certain whether select_view.out is suitable, or
not, because my results/select_view.out matched with expected/select_view_1.out.

> BTW, can you also resubmit the leakproof stuff as a separate patch for
> the last CF?  Want to make sure we get that into 9.2, if at all
> possible.
Yes, it shall be attached on the next message.

KaiGai Kohei <kai...@kaigai.gr.jp>

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