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> On 01/12/2012 11:57 AM, Scott Mead wrote:
>> Pretty delayed, but please find the attached patch that addresses all the
>> issues discussed.
> The docs on this v4 look like they suffered a patch order problem here.
>  In the v3, you added a whole table describing the pg_stat_activity
> documentation in more detail than before.  v4 actually tries to remove
> those new docs, a change which won't even apply as they don't exist
> upstream.
> My guess is you committed v3 to somewhere, applied the code changes for
> v4, but not the documentation ones.  It's easy to do that and end up with a
> patch that removes a bunch of docs the previous patch added.  I have to be
> careful to always do something like "git diff origin/master" to avoid this
> class of problem, until I got into that habit I did this sort of thing
> regularly.
> gak

Okay, I'll fix that and the rules.out regression that I missed

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