On Tue, Jan 24, 2012 at 4:39 AM, Thomas Ogrisegg
<tom-...@patches.fnord.at> wrote:
> While testing a backup script, I noticed that pg_basebackup exits with
> 0, even if it had errors while writing the backup to disk when the
> backup file is to be sent to stdout. The attached patch should fix this
> problem (and some special cases when the last write fails).

This part looks like a typo:

+                                       if (fflush (tarfile) != 0)
+                                       {
+                                               fprintf(stderr, _("%s:
error flushing stdout: %s\n"),
strerror (errno));
+                                               disconnect_and_exit(1);
+                                       }

The error is in flushing the tarfile, not stdout, right?

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