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On Sat, Jan 14, 2012 at 08:18:48PM +0100, Marco Nenciarini wrote:
I greatly like that name; it would still make sense for other aggregate types, should we ever expand its use. Please complete the name change: the documentation, catalog entries, etc should all call them something like "each foreign key constraints" (I don't particularly like that exact wording).
Ok, we'll go with "EACH Foreign Key Constraints" but I would allow the synonym "Foreign Key Array", especially in the documentation.
How about: FOREIGN KEY(col_a, EACH col_b, col_c) REFERENCES pktable (a, b, c)
We really like this syntax. However, as also Simon suggested, we'd go for switching to this syntax, but stick to a simpler implementation for 9.2. We will then be able to expand the functionality, by keeping the same syntax, from 9.3.
To complete the ARRAY -> EACH transition, I would suggest names like CASCADE EACH/SET EACH NULL.
Sounds perfect.

Marco will go through all your comments and will send version 3 shortly.

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