Jay Levitt wrote:
[Posted at Andres's request]

TL;DR: Inserting and indexing cubes is slow and/or broken in various ways in
various builds.

And I bet you'll want the test script... sigh.  attached.
\c postgres
drop database if exists slowcube;
create database slowcube;
\c slowcube
create schema slowcube;
set search_path to slowcube;

create extension cube;

set work_mem to '1GB';
set maintenance_work_mem to '1GB';

create table cubetest (
  position cube

insert into cubetest (position)
  select cube(array[random() * 1000, random() * 1000, random() * 1000]) from 
select now();
create index q on cubetest using gist(position);
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