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> Jay Levitt <jay.lev...@gmail.com> writes:
>> [Posted at Andres's request]
>> TL;DR: Inserting and indexing cubes is slow and/or broken in various ways in
>> various builds.
> Not sure yet about most of these, but I know the reason for this one:
>> 2. In both 9.1 and 9.2, there is a long delay before CREATE INDEX realizes
>> it can't work on an unlogged table
> That error is thrown in gistbuildempty, which is not called until after
> we have finished building the main-fork index.  This is a tad unfriendly
> when the table already contains lots of data.
> ISTM there are two ways we could fix this:
> 1. Introduce a duplicative test at the start of gistbuild().
> 2. Rearrange the order of operations in index_build() so that the init
> fork is made first.
> Both of these are kinda ugly, but #2 puts the ugliness into someplace
> that shouldn't have to know about it, and furthermore someplace that's
> unlikely to get reverted if/when gist is fixed to not have this problem.
> So I think I favor #1.  Other opinions anyone?

I don't think I understand your object to #2.  It appears to be a
trivial rearrangement?

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