On 02/01/2012 07:53 AM, Alex Shulgin wrote:
One problem I've found while trying the example workflow is this:

~/local/postgresql/HEAD$ ./bin/pg_archivecleanup -d -x .gz data/archive/ 
pg_archivecleanup: invalid filename input
Try "pg_archivecleanup --help" for more information.

I think we could accept the suffixed WAL filename and strip the suffix;
another idea is to actually detect the suffix (if any) from the last
command line argument, thus rendering the -x option unnecessary.

Going full-on automatic with detecting the suffix seems like it might do the wrong thing when presented with a strange extension. I know a lot of the time I use pg_archivecleanup is inside scripts that tend to get setup and then ignored. If one of those has a bug, or unexpected data appears in the archive, I'd rather see this sort of major, obvious failure--not an attempt to sort things out that might make a bad decision.

The smaller step of automatically stripping the specified suffix from the input file name, when it matches the one we've told the program to expect, seems like a usability improvement unlikely to lead to bad things though. I've certainly made the mistake you've shown when using the patched version of the program myself, just didn't think about catching and correcting it myself before. We can rev this to add that feature and resubmit easily enough, will turn that around soon.

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