On fre, 2012-02-10 at 01:24 -0500, Tom Lane wrote:
> That seems pretty nearly entirely bogus.  What is the argument for
> supposing that the word right after SELECT is a function name?  I would
> think it would be a column name (from who-knows-what table) much more
> often.

That's what the patch does.  It looks like you misread what I wrote.

> Also, if it is useful, people will expect it to work in more
> places than just the first word after SELECT --- for instance, somebody
> who didn't realize what a kluge it was would expect it to also work
> right after a top-level comma after SELECT.  Or probably after a left
> parenthesis in the SELECT list.  Etc.

All of psql tab completion works like that.  We only complete the first
table after FROM, the first column after ORDER BY, the first privilege
to grant, the first role to grant to, the first table to drop, the first
reloption, etc.

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