Alexander Korotkov wrote:
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At first I thought this posed a challenge for union; if I have these points:


    what's the union? I think the answer is to treat NULL box coordinates
    like LL = -infinity, UR = infinity, or (equivalently, I think) to store
    a saw_nulls bit in addition to LL and UR.

Similar problem appears at GiST indexing of ranges, because range can be
empty. There additional "contain empty" flag was introduced. This "contain
empty" flag indicates that underlying value can be empty. So, this flag is
set when union with empty range or other range with this flag set. It's
likely you need similar flag for each dimension.

Ah, yes, exactly the same problem. So what led you to add a flag instead of using the range NULL..NULL? I'm on the fence about choosing.


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