Alexander Korotkov wrote:
On Fri, Feb 17, 2012 at 11:32 PM, Jay Levitt <

    Ah, yes, exactly the same problem. So what led you to add a flag instead
    of using the range NULL..NULL? I'm on the fence about choosing.

At first, range bounds can't be NULL :) At second, if we have range
(a;b)+"contain empty" in internal page, both facts:
1) All normal underlying ranges are contained in (a;b).
2) There can be empty underlying ranges.
are useful for search.

That makes sense; you're essentially keeping one bit of stats about the values present in the range.

I wonder: if I'm indexing a rowtype, then for each column in the row I need to store a lower-left and an upper-right bound, plus a might-have-nulls flag. Sounds a lot like a range. Should I just use ranges for that? See a downside (overhead)? See an upside (seems less duplicative somehow)? I'm fine depending on 9.2.


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