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> Simon, I think you had a reason why it couldn't work, but I didn't quite get
> your meaning and didn't want to distract things further at that stage.  You
> wrote that it "doesn't do what KEY LOCKS are designed to do"...  any chance
> you might recall what the problem was?

The IMMUTABLE idea would work, but it requires all users to recode
their apps. By the time they've done that we'll have probably fixed
the problem in full anyway, so then we have to ask them to stop again,
which is hard so we'll be stuck with a performance tweak that applies
to just one release. So its the fully automatic solution we're looking
for. I don't object to someone implementing IMMUTABLE, I'm just saying
its not a way to get this patch simpler and therefore acceptable.

If people are willing to recode apps to avoid this then hire me and
I'll tell you how ;-)

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