On 02/23/2012 10:43 AM, Alvaro Herrera wrote:
I completely understand that you don't want to review this latest
version of the patch; it's a lot of effort and I wouldn't inflict it on
anybody who hasn't not volunteered.  However, it doesn't seem to me that
this is reason to boot the patch from the commitfest.  I think the thing
to do would be to remove yourself from the reviewers column and set it
back to "needs review", so that other reviewers can pick it up.

This feature made Robert's list of serious CF concerns, too, and the idea that majorly revised patches might be punted isn't a new one. Noah is certainly justified in saying you're off his community support list, after all the review work he's been doing for this CF.

We here think it would be a shame for all of these other performance bits to be sorted but still have this one loose though, if it's possible to keep going on it. It's well known as something on Simon's peeve list for some time now. I was just reading someone else ranting about how this foreign key locking issue proves Postgres isn't "enterprise scale" yesterday, it was part of an article proving why DB2 is worth paying for I think. This change crosses over into the advocacy area due to that, albeit only for the people who have been burned by this already.

If the main problem is pg_upgrade complexity, eventually progress on that front needs to be made. I'm surprised the project has survived this long without needing anything beyond catalog conversion for in-place upgrade. That luck won't hold forever.

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