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> this doesn't feel like the right time to embark on a bunch of new
> engineering projects.

IMHO this is exactly the right time to do full system tuning. Only
when we have major projects committed can we move towards measuring
things and correcting deficiencies.

Doing tuning last is a natural consequence of the first rule of
tuning: Don't. That means we have to wait and see what problems emerge
and then fix them, so there has to be a time period when this is
allowed. This is exactly the same on any commercial implementation
project - you do tuning at the end before release.

I fully accept that this is not a time for heavy lifting. But it is a
time when we can apply a few low-invasive patches to improve things.
Tweaking the bgwriter is not exactly a big or complex thing. We will
be making many other small tweaks and fixes for months yet, so lets
just regard tuning as performance bug fixing and get on with it,

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