Christoph Berg <> writes:
> Re: Sandro Santilli 2012-02-22 <20120222101656.GB6125@gnash>
>> I'm not really looking for "inline extensions".
>> I do want to install the extension objects somewhere, just NOT
>> in the PostgreSQL builtin SHAREDIR but in an arbitrary staging
>> directory to use for QA the extension before distribution.

> We have the same problem with testing extensions at build-time in the
> Debian packages. The server's SHAREDIR /usr/share/postgresql/... is
> only writable by root, while the build is running as buildd user, so
> there is no way to do "create extension whatimbuildingrightnow" to be
> able to run regression tests, even if this is a cluster I have just
> created with initdb.

This seems like nonsense.  If the build process has installed the
software, you surely have got permissions to write in that directory.
If you haven't installed the software, you need to do testing in a
temporary installation per "make check", and we are able to test
extensions that way too.

                        regards, tom lane

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