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D'oh, just as I sent some more queries...

> Thom Brown <t...@linux.com> writes:
>> Is there any reason why the list of commands that command triggers can
>> be used with isn't in alphabetical order?  Also it appears to show
> Any reason why?  I don't suppose it's really important one way or the
> other, so I'm waiting on some more voices before working on it.

Just so it's easy to scan.  If someone is looking for CREATE CAST,
they'd kind of expect it near the drop of the CREATE list, but it's
actually toward the bottom.  It just looks random at the moment.

>> The ALTER COMMAND TRIGGER page also doesn't show which commands it can
>> be used against.  Perhaps, rather than repeat the list, there could be
>> a note to say that a list of valid commands can be found on the CREATE
> Well you can only alter a command that you were successful in creating,
> right?  So I'm not sure that's needed here.  By that count though, I
> maybe should remove the supported command list from DROP COMMAND TRIGGER
> reference page?

Sure, that would be more consistent.  You're right, it's not needed.
It just seemed odd that one of the statements lacked what both others



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