Thanks for your further testing!

Thom Brown <> writes:
> Further testing reveals a problem with FTS configurations when using
> the example function provided in the docs:

Could you send me your tests so that I add them to the proper regression
test?  I've been lazy on one or two object types and obviously that's
where I have to check some more.

> Also command triggers for DROP CONVERSION aren't working.  A glance at
> pg_cmdtrigger shows that the system views the command as "DROP

That's easy to fix, that's a typo in gram.y.  I'm not seeing other ones
like this though.

-                          | DROP CONVERSION_P                                  
+                          | DROP CONVERSION_P                                  

> What is DROP ASSERTION?  It's showing as a valid command for a command
> trigger, but it's not documented.

It's a Not Implemented Feature for which we have the grammar support to
be able to fill a standard compliant checkbox, or something like that.
It could be better for me to remove explicit support for it in the
command triggers patch?

> I've noticed that ALTER <object> name OWNER TO role doesn't result in
> any trigger being fired except for tables.
> ALTER OPERATOR FAMILY .... RENAME TO ... doesn't fire command triggers.
> ALTER OPERATOR CLASS with RENAME TO or OWNER TO doesn't fire command
> triggers, but with SET SCHEMA it does.

It seems I've forgotten to add some support here, that happens in
alter.c and is easy enough to check and complete, thanks for the

> And there's no command trigger available for ALTER VIEW.

Will add.

> I'll hold off on testing any further until a new patch is available.

That should happen soon. Ah, the joys of coding while kids are at home
thanks to school holidays. I can't count how many times I've been killed
by a captain and married to a princess while writing that patch, sorry
about those hiccups here.

Dimitri Fontaine     PostgreSQL : Expertise, Formation et Support

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