On Thu, Mar 01, 2012 at 08:45:26AM -0500, Robert Haas wrote:
> On Wed, Feb 29, 2012 at 6:02 PM, Bruce Momjian <br...@momjian.us> wrote:
> >> Any ideas about improving the error reporting more generally, so that
> >> when reloading the dump fails, the user can easily see what went
> >> belly-up, even if they didn't use -l?
> >
> > The only idea I have is to write the psql log to a temporary file and
> > report the last X lines from the file in case of failure.  Does that
> > help?
> Why not just redirect stdout but not stderr?  If there are error
> messages, surely we want the user to just see those.

Well, I think sending the error messages to the user but stdout to a
file will leave users confused because it will be unclear which SQL
statement generated the error.

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