Vik Reykja <> writes:
> On Sat, Feb 18, 2012 at 21:16, Vik Reykja <> wrote:
>> I would be willing to have a go at translating test cases.  I do not (yet)
>> have the C knowledge to maintain the regex code, though.

> I got suddenly swamped and forgot I had signed up for this.  I'm still
> pretty swamped and I would like these regression tests to be in for 9.2 so
> if someone else would like to pick them up, I would be grateful.

FWIW, I spent a few minutes looking at the Tcl regression tests and
realized that they are not in a form that's tremendously useful to us.
What they are, unsurprisingly, are Tcl scripts, and a lot of the
specific test cases are couched as calls to special-purpose Tcl
functions.  I tried inserting some hooks that would print out the
arguments/results of the underlying regexp and regsub calls, but didn't
get far (my Tcl is way too rusty :-().  I also found that quite a few of
the test cases are concerned with features that are not accessible, or
at least not accessible in the same way, from our SQL functions.  Those
test cases would still be worthwhile for a standalone library package,
but they won't be much use in a Postgres regression test.

                        regards, tom lane

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