On 19 February 2012 06:52, Tom Lane <t...@sss.pgh.pa.us> wrote:
> Yeah ... if you *don't* know the difference between a DFA and an NFA,
> you're likely to find yourself in over your head.  Having said that,
> this is eminently learnable stuff and pretty self-contained, so somebody
> who had the time and interest could make themselves into an expert in
> a reasonable amount of time.

I find myself in possession of both time and interest.  I have to
admit up-front that I don't have experience with regex code, but I do
have some experience with parsers generally, and I'd like to think
some of that skillset would transfer to this problem.  I also find
regexes fascinating and extremely useful, so learning more about them
will be no hardship.

I'd happily cede to an expert, should one appear, but otherwise I'm
all for moving the regex code into a discrete library, and I'm
volunteering to take a swing at it.


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