Alex <> writes:

> Marko Kreen <> writes:
>> On Thu, Mar 15, 2012 at 11:29:31PM +0200, Alex wrote:
>> The point of the patch is to have one string with all connection options,
>> in standard format, yes?  So why does not this work:
>>   db = PQconnectdb("postgres://localhost");
>> ?
> Good catch.
> I've figured out that we'll need a bit more intrusive change than simply
> overriding the expand_dbname check in conninfo_array_parse (like the
> current version does) to support URIs in all PQconnect* variants.

Okay, at last here's v9, rebased against current master branch.

What's new in this version is parse_connection_string function to be
called instead of conninfo_parse.  It will check for possible URI in the
connection string and dispatch to conninfo_uri_parse if URI was found,
otherwise it will fall back to conninfo_parse.

In two places in code we don't want to parse the string unless it is
deemed a real connection string and not plain dbname.  The new function
recognized_connection_string is added to check this.

Thanks Marko for spotting the problem and thanks Tom for committing the
refactoring patch!


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