On 22.03.2012 23:42, Alex wrote:
Okay, at last here's v9, rebased against current master branch.

Some quick comments on this patch:

I see a compiler warning:
fe-connect.c: In function ‘conninfo_parse’:
fe-connect.c:4113: warning: unused variable ‘option’

Docs are missing.

I wonder if you should get an error if you try specify the same option multiple times. At least the behavior needs to be documented.

Should %00 be forbidden?

The error message is a bit confusing for "postgres://localhost?dbname=%XXfoo":
WARNING: ignoring unrecognized URI query parameter: dbname
There is in fact nothing wrong with "dbname", it's the %XX in the value that's bogus.

Looking at conninfo_uri_decode(), I think it's missing a bounds check, and peeks at two bytes beyond the end of string if the input ends in a '%'.

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