On Wed, Jun 13, 2012 at 10:12:18PM +0200, Gabriele Bartolini wrote:
> Our goal is to work on this patch from the next commit fest.
> What we are about to do for this commit fest is to split the previous  
> patch and send a small one just for the array_remove() and  
> array_replace() functions.
> Then we will sit down and organise the development of the feature  
> according to Peter's feedback. It is important indeed that we find a  
> commonly accepted terminology and syntax for this feature.
> I hope this sounds like a reasonable plan. Thank you.

Sounds fine.  The 2012-01 CF entry for this patch has been moved to the
2012-06 CF.  Please mark that entry Returned with Feedback and create a new
entry for the subset you're repackaging for this CommitFest.


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