On lör, 2012-06-16 at 16:21 +0800, Quan Zongliang wrote:
> I found that lower case is less than upper case when the db is
> created 
> with utf8.
> I tried below
>      locale   en_US.utf8   'A'<'a'     false
>      locale   ja_JP.utf8   'A'<'a'     true
>      locale   zh_CN.utf8   'A'<'a'     false
> Under Windows
>      locale   Chinese_China   'A'<'a'     false
> I am not sure it is normal or not.
> But in Chinese, the lower case should be greater than upper, same as 
> locale C.

The operating system locale determines that, so you need to look there
if you don't agree with the result.


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