> > I've been stuck in mud trying to plperl work on windows
> > environment. I saw many messages complaining that plperl wouldn't
> > be built to work. For the convenience of those and myself, I
> > describe the process of building postgresql with plperl on
> > Windows with cygwin and VC++ I've done below.
> Hrm, I don't develop on windows here, but out of curiosity, what were
> the messages like?

My memory about that has already become faint.. As far as I
remember, I saw two patterns of crash.

One is caused by gcc-4's stack-protector in cygperl5_10.dll. It
caused crash on "create function", (or create language). Building
postgresql with gcc-4 did not help for me. Finally, I gave up to
use pre-installed dll and built all including perl with GCC-3 to
make it work.

The another is 0xC0000005 (Access Violation) on 'create language
plperl' for VC10(:-p) vs ActivePerl5.14. This happenend at ERRSV
in plperl_(un)trasted_init(). Replacing ERRSV with
get_sv("@",FALSE) had put down that (but also I don't know if it
works) but finally I had a error "didn't get a CODE reference
from compiling function" on "create function .. language plperl"
which was the sign of dead end for me. I decided to behave well
to use ActivePerl5.12 and VC8 at last. I suppose this is a kind
of so-called "DLL HELL" related to memory allocation. ActivePerl
5.12 links the system's msvcrt.dll but VC links its output with
msvcrxx.dll. MS says memory allocaltion/deallocation across DLL
bounary should cause crash. But I don't know why the pair of
AP5.12 and VC8 results in success.


badalex> >> - The remainder of the patch whic fixes the easy fixable leakes
badalex> >>   of palloc'ed memory won't be ported into 9.1. This is only for
badalex> >>   9.3dev.
badalex> > What should I do for this?
badalex> Just let the commiter decide? :-)


Kyotaro Horiguchi
NTT Open Source Software Center

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