Excerpts from Kyotaro HORIGUCHI's message of mar jul 03 04:59:38 -0400 2012:
> Hello, Here is regression test runs on pg's also built with
> cygwin-gcc and VC++.
> The patches attached following,
> - plperl_sql_ascii-4.patch         : fix for pl/perl utf8 vs sql_ascii
> - plperl_sql_ascii_regress-1.patch : regression test for this patch.
>                                      I added some tests on encoding to this.
> I will mark this patch as 'ready for committer' after this.

I have pushed these changes to HEAD, 9.2 and 9.1.  Instead of the games
with plperl_lc_*.out being copied around, I just used the ASCII version
as plperl_lc_1.out and the UTF8 one as plperl_lc.out.

I chose to backpatch the whole thing instead of cherry-picking parts of
it; that was turning into a tedious and pointless exercise.  We'll see
how does the buildfarm like the whole thing -- including on MSVC, which
I did not test at all.

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