We are now at the end of the originally scheduled one-month window for
the June commitfest.  While the numbers look fairly bad:

Needs Review: 17, Waiting on Author: 10, Ready for Committer: 3, Committed: 29, 
Returned with Feedback: 12, Rejected: 5. Total: 76.

it's not quite a complete disaster, because almost all of the "needs
review" patches did actually get some review and/or had new versions
posted during the fest.  We did not get them to the point of being
committable, but we did make progress.  I only see about three patches
that seem to have received no attention whatsoever.

At this point we could move the open items to the September fest and
call this one good, or we could keep trying to close things out.
Personally I'd like to do the former, because we really need to spend
some effort on closing out the various open issues for 9.2, and the
commitfest seems to have sucked up all the available time of those who
might've been fixing those issues over the past month.


                        regards, tom lane

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