On Sun, Jul 15, 2012 at 5:52 AM, Kohei KaiGai <kai...@kaigai.gr.jp> wrote:
> The attached patch is a revised version of row-level security feature.
> I added a feature to invalidate plan cache if user-id was switched
> between planner and optimizer. It enabled to generate more optimized
> plan than the previous approach; that adds hardwired "OR superuser()".
> Example)
> postgres=# PREPARE p1(int) AS SELECT * FROM t1 WHERE x > $1 AND f_leak(y);
> postgres=# EXPLAIN (costs off) EXECUTE p1(2);
>             QUERY PLAN
> -----------------------------------
>  Seq Scan on t1
>    Filter: (f_leak(y) AND (x > 2))
> (2 rows)
> postgres=> EXPLAIN (costs off) EXECUTE p1(2);
>                  QUERY PLAN
> ---------------------------------------------
>  Subquery Scan on t1
>    Filter: f_leak(t1.y)
>    ->  Seq Scan on t1
>          Filter: ((x > 2) AND ((x % 2) = 0))
> (4 rows)
> On the other hand, I removed support for UPDATE / DELETE commands
> in this revision, because I'm still uncertain on the implementation that I
> adopted in the previous patch. I believe it helps to keep patch size being
> minimum reasonable.
> Due to same reason, RLS is not supported on COPY TO command.
> According to the Robert's comment, I revised the place to inject
> applyRowLevelSecurity(). The reason why it needed to patch on
> adjust_appendrel_attrs_mutator() was, we handled expansion from
> regular relation to sub-query after expand_inherited_tables().
> In this revision, it was moved to the head of sub-query planner.
> Even though I added a syscache entry for pg_rowlevelsec catalog,
> it was revised to read the catalog on construction of relcache, like
> trigger descriptor, because it enables to reduce cost to parse an
> expression tree in text format and memory consumption of hash
> slot.
> This revision adds support on pg_dump, and also adds support
> to include SubLinks in the row-level security policy.

This revision is too late for this CommitFest; I've moved it to the
next CommitFest and will look at it then, or hopefully sooner.

Robert Haas
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